Complex Detailing $275-$375
Paint Correction Call for Quote
Boat Detailing $12-$25 a foot
Interior Detailing $125-$200
Window Tinting Call for Quote


This is your best choice to restore poorly maintained or damaged paint. Without the protection of quality paint sealant and wax, your vehicles finish will be compromised by environmental fallout. This package offers a lot more than just a good shine. We focus on resurfacing your damaged paint and polishing the finish to a like new condition. As long as the paint is not peeling, powdering or flaking off. Our Paint Correction can remove a substantial amount of damage that a detail cannot. UNDERSTAND THIS IS NOT A DETAIL! We remove damage by leveling the finish of your vehicle. Wet sanding is sometimes needed to remove heavy damage, such as excessive etching caused by bird droppings or chemical fallout from acid rain and we can also remove scratches in the clear coat. We can also wet sand your car to flatten orange peel from a new paint job. Oxidation, swirl marks, holograms, scratches and other paint defects can permanently be removed. We spend several hours finessing your paint to remove scratches from your paint. Most detail shops hide the scratches with polish and wax. After we correct your paint we seal it with a high quality coating such as G Techniq, C Quartz or Opticoat, giving your car or truck superior protection from the elements.


Once we have detailed your car to perfection you're going to need to choose a coating to preserve that look as long as possible. Choose from:

Wax - Great for giving a glow to garage kept vehicles that don't get wet, wax is old technology and quickly washes away with simple soap and water.
Sealant - Protection against UV and other elements last months and should be applied to all cars that park outside.
Coatings - Advanced polymer system that forms a layer of clear coat over the automotive finishes. Provides better scratch and mar resistance, better UV resistance, better chemical etch resistance, and has better release properties than any other consumer product while providing unsurpassed gloss and slickness.