Detailing Services



We use a fresh bucket of a P-H balanced soapy water to
clean every car we detail. Let us restore the beautiful color of your
paint with an Elite Detail. Proper decontamination and
expert polishing combined with superior cleaners will
make your car stand out from the rest. We add a 6 month
layer of protection using a sealant.
Using Flex Buffers combined with high end polish and wax, we will give your paint a deep wet look that's sure to to turn heads.


Even for new cars, a minimum of 4 hours is needed to polish and prep the paint so that your scratch resistant paint coating bonds correctly. A layer of ceramic coating or a crystal lacquer coating will protect the perfectly polished finish of your car. These coatings have been tested to offer up to 2 years of protection.
Dirt and debris will easily wash off your vehicle. The coatings will also give your vehicles paint a deep wet look and shine unparalleled to traditional wax. This service will get most of the scratches out of the clear coat not the base coat. Your paint will shine like new.


Advanced polymer system that forms a layer of clear coat over the automotive finishes. Provides better scratch and mar resistance, better UV resistance, better chemical etch resistance, and has better release properties than any other consumer product while providing unsurpassed gloss and slickness.
Great for giving a glow to garage kept vehicles that don't get wet, wax is old technology and quickly washes away with simple soap and water.


We will remove all the faded gel coat and restore the original luster to your boat. Our Fiberglass Restoration System, includes a 3 step cleaner, polish and wax. This is usually required to remove moderate damage.
We offer a multitude of marine services such as: Buffing and Waxing, Weekly washing, Carpet Stain Removal, Mold Removal, Isinglass Cleaning, Spider Spraying, Underwater Lighting , L.E.D. Lighting Upgrades, Audio and Video Repair, Stereo Installation, Antenna Repair, Marine Radio Installation, Minor Gel Coat Repair, Diver services, Hull Cleaning, and Canvass Repair.


We use safe biodegradable cleaning agents to remove stubborn stains and odors. We use P-H balanced chemicals to clean and condition all leather and we will thoroughly clean all the cracks and crevices that most detail shops forget about.
Remember that can of coke that exploded last summer and stained the back seats and headliner? Don't worry will get it clean. How about the coffee you spilled all over the center console and between your seats when driving through rush hour? Don't worry we will get that clean to. From your moon roof to the rug, we will extract as much dirt and grime as we can. After we finish with a spotless clean, we can scotch guard your fabric to protect it from accidental spills.